Patch Notes

October 20, 2022 - Patch Notes

New Environment:

  • Caribbean Dam

New Features

  • Added the ability to choose lap count for all races in private multiplayer sessions
  • Added Quick Restart option to Time Attack races
  • Added a new widget to display the music track played during races


  • 100+ aesthetic rewards have now been unlocked
  • Fixed an issue with players sometimes clipping through the tracks on Tartarus
  • Fixed the naming of rewards being misleading after the completion of a race
  • Fixed players being kicked out from groups during multiplayer races
  • Fixed instances where assisted controls are not behaving correctly on reverse tracks
  • Fixed an exploit where AI ships crash immediately on Cloud Ocean - Mistral Reverse
  • Fixed instances where achievements were not unlocking for:
    - "Fashion Racer"
    - "Try Them All"
    - "Sweats Profusely"
    - "Grand Slam"
  • Additional performance optimizations


  • Improvements to track design and signage on parts of Tartarus
  • Time Attack and Speed times were further refined in the campaign to be more accessible


  • Added a new UI element in track select that indicates the length of the track the player is about to race in (Short, Medium, Long, Extra Long)
  • Additional UI and UX improvements to the Photo Mode feature set
  • The campaign rewards UI now displays what team each reward is for
  • Added new effects when your craft is affected by environmental temperatures
  • Added option to disable Kinetic lines in the Options