Patch Notes

July 27, 2022 - Patch Notes (Xbox)


  • Veloce Livery DLC is now available
  • Various tweaks have been made depending on the level of difficulty for each player.
    Note: This does not affect Master or Nightmare difficulty.
  • Fixed the Auto Calibration Threshold difficulty assigned for each player depending on their race results 
  • Fixed when the Select button disappears while removing “Loadout” from the customization menu
  • Fixed controller input sensitivity settings sometimes not working properly


  • Fixed framerate issue on Xbox Series X
  • Fixed low FPS while racing on Fuji
  • Fixed client disconnections during an online race
  • Fixed crash after loading screen on Mariana Trench: Nuliajuk
  • Fixed a crash on Xbox Series S when playing with Xbox One players
  • Fixed a crash after exiting connected standby during MM search if DLC is installed

Quality of Life

  • Fixed Audio sync issues
  • Fixed Achievement "Ride in the rising sun" doesn't unlock.
  • Fixed when a player doesn't receive a notification about Xbox Network has been lost while in the Leaderboard or during suspend mode
  • Fixed when a player receives the message "Host closed the connection" after WAN disconnection
  • Fixed a bug displaying an error message when navigating the Friends tab on the Leaderboard
  • Fixed track walls missing on Origin Black Hole


  • Fixed title crashing to the Xbox Home screen when attempting to navigate the Customize menu during the pre-race screen in an SRRL Unranked multiplayer session
  • Fixed title returning all players to the main menu in a multiplayer session when the Leader leaves during an SRRL Unranked multiplayer session
  • Fixed hint for Y button in rotate ship view in Garage
  • Fixed UI of the pre-race screen staying in the race when the player disconnects the controller
  • Fixed the title not allowing the player to dismiss the contextual menu that is displayed when the controller is disconnected whilst the multiplayer countdown timer is active


  • Fixed gamma settings in the Options menu
  • Fixed reset option in Photo Mode
  • Fixed Rotating a hovership in the Garage