Patch Notes

June 28, 2022 - Patch Notes


  • Survivors are no longer stuck after being revived from bleeding out state
  • Demon no longer receives Infernal Energy during Possession for shooting bleeding out survivor
  • Survivors no longer stay in bleeding out state if healed after completing the Page or Dagger has been collected
  • Survivors will no longer be in a ragdoll state if a Possessed Survivor shoots at them in bleeding out state right before they die
  • Balance Bar Damage for the Rare (Blue) Hunting Rifle has been corrected
  • Infernal energy is no longer regenerated on Dark Ones when both Demon and Survivors were nearby before objectives have been completed
  • Mini Ashes Demon trap now takes the correct number of items from your inventory
  • We applied a fix if a weapon is picked up by another Survivor outside render range, you will not still see it on the ground


  • Fixed title crashing right before the result screen in 4 vs. AI mode


  • Ed Getley's active skill now deactivates traps immediately after they are illuminated by a flashlight
  • Ed Getley's active skill can now disarm a trap in a supply crate if it was not previously placed by Demon

Kandarian Demon

  • Fixed an issue where Infernal Energy orbs were not respawning if Demon had "Infernal Revenue" skill obtained



  • Fixed shortcut icon showing as the Anti-Cheat icon