The game comes with a tutorial section split into two parts: 

  • The Tutorial can be played immediately after booting the game for the first time and teaches you the basic concepts of playing Redout 2. 
  • In the Trials Career League, you will be faced with four events designed to teach you:
    1. Cornering;
    2. Boosting;
    3. Pitching.

Once completed, you will gain entry to the B League to start your Redout Career.



Redout 2 features six difficulty levels: from Zero, for players who want to enjoy the ride, up to Nightmare, where they will have to push beyond their limits to triumph.


Assisted Controls

Redout 2 supports an AI system that will drive "together with the player." The AI Assist will compare their input with the player's every moment. 

There are different preset combinations of driving assists:

  • Off: no driving assists will be activated.
  • Beginner: pitch and roll are handled automatically. Assists heavily intervene on braking and strafing. You won't overheat past 20% of your Hull. Steering and boosting are pretty much in your hands.
  • Strong: assist and help mediate all inputs. You won't overheat past 10% of your Hull.
  • Moderate: some gentle adjustments to braking, strafing, pitch, and roll. You won't explode from overheating.
  • Light: minor corrections to Strafe and Roll. The rest is on you, especially exploding from overheating.
  • Custom: customize your driving assists to your liking, tailoring your Redout experience to your preference.

Players can customize driving assists at any time in the Options Menu. 


Customizable Hub

Players can turn off selected HUD elements such as Screen and Flight HUD, Hazard Signs, and subtitles. They can also swap between Metric and Imperial systems.

Steamer Mode

Streamer Mode replaces copyrighted music with alternative tracks that are safe for streaming.

Remap Controls

Players can freely remap all controls in Redout 2. This means Generic Ground and Flight Controls are all customizable.

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