Vehicles and Classes

Get in the driver's seat of powerful vehicles as you conquer extreme open environments with the most advanced terrain simulation ever. Expand and customize your fleet with many vehicles suited for various jobs.


Highway trucks typically are vehicles intended to be driven only on roads and light amounts of dirt. Highway trucks lack off-road upgrades like differential locks or AWD and are equipped with powerful engines and large fuel tanks. Each highway truck in-game is among some of the fastest trucks in the game.

Examples: Ford CLT9000, GMC MH9500, International Transtar 4070A.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty trucks bridge the gap between highway trucks and off-road trucks. They feature off-road traits like AWD and differential locks, making them useful off-road, but they can also be upgraded to fit a highway truck's role for speed.

Examples: Chevrolet Kodiak C70, White Western Star 4964, Caterpillar CT680


Heavy-class trucks are among some of the largest vehicles in the game. Typically they are intended to haul heavy cargo in highly harsh terrain. Most are equipped with differential locks and AWD in stock, with a few exceptions.

Examples: Pacific P16, KOLOB 74760, Azov 42-20 Antarctic.


Offroad trucks are usually some of the most capable of getting through mud but also some of the slowest. Offroad trucks often are slower than Heavy Duty trucks but smaller than Heavy class trucks. Some also feature the option to be equipped with massive mud tires; almost all have AWD and differential locks.

Examples: International Paystar 5070, Voron D-53233, Azov 5319.


Scouts vary in size and shape, from a simple pickup truck to a Russian civilian APC. Scouts are usually designed for roles such as recon, but some can be effective cargo haulers. Scouts are also unique because they have an exclusive trailer selection not available to other classes.

Examples: Chevrolet CK1500, TUZ 420 "Tatarin", International Loadstar 1700.

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