Patch Notes

Heading Out v 1.028 Patch Notes

Based on your feedback over the past couple of weeks, we've fixed up some things to make your road travels a bit less bumpy.

Steam Deck Bug Fixes:

  • We have locked the settings to “medium” to ensure consistent, quality gameplay
  • Fixed an issue of videos not playing on specific Steam Deck devices

PC Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a general issue that caused the resolution to default to minimum settings. Now, it defaults to Ultra
  • The anti-aliasing menu selection option has been fixed
  • Occasional issues with stuttering have been addressed
  • New loading map images now include day and night variants
  • Extended the ghost car teleport audio radius to make it more audible
  • Trimmed the outro length for the “Same Old Road” full song
  • All mastered songs + WEM files have been updated both in the game and in the stand-alone OST download
  • The Police busting speed threshold has been lowered in special chase sequences
  • Fixed an issue with the HUD reporting the wrong gear at the start of a race when using manual transmission
  • Fixed an issue with the manual gearbox displaying the wrong gear when exiting the pause screen
  • Highlighting the menu difficulty option with a mouse is now fixed
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to select different cars when using a controller after unlocking them
  • Fixed an issue that caused a billboard to appear in the road on Oklahoma Plains
  • Some crashes that occur during random race sequences have been fixed
    Some layout issues of the narrative comic sequences have been fixed
  • Fixed several issues of missing or incorrect road signs in Act 4
  • Fixed some instances of the road being transparent in some places in the City Outskirts map
  • Fixed some cases of unaligned haystacks appearing in the Iowa Farms map
  • Fixed sound effect issues with the wooden bridge in the Minnesota Lakes map
  • Fixed a display issue with the resolution in a narrative comic sequence encounter
  • Fixed an issue where the term "Bet" was not being translated
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused a player to become stuck when pressing the accelerate or brake button in the pause menu while moving around in map mode


To all who’ve joined us on this awesome road trip, a sincere “Thank You!” Working on Heading Out has been an amazing journey over the years, and we’re happy to have shared it with you. Safe travels!