Phantom Fury Known Issues

Known issues track the status of reported issues we’ve identified and are currently investigating. Below you can see the status of the current problems. If you’re experiencing something that isn’t listed, please search our knowledge base, and if you don’t find a solution, submit a ticket here.

Please note that below are the top issues we're working to resolve, and some minor issues may not be shown. All fixes and updates will be available in the nearest future.

Issue Status
Some players are unable to open their weapon upgrade menu* 🟡 Working on a fix 
Doors at the beginning of the first level disappear after loading a checkpoint** 🟡 Working on a fix
Some players can glitch out of the final elevator in Phoenix Tower 🟡 Working on a fix
Sometimes a player can clip through the floor at the lift 🟡 Working on a fix
Some GDF grunts start sliding after blinding them with the GDF 212 shotgun 🟡 Working on a fix
Sometimes GDF troops' animation breaks if they are stunned by a stun baton while exiting trucks or jumping over barriers 🟡 Working on a fix
Sometimes Blue Supply Crates can push the player outside the elevator 🟡 Working on a fix
Players can pick up more than 160 rounds for Echis SMG in alt-fire mode 🟡 Working on a fix
Echis SMG will have double ammo if the player saves on the checkpoint with both SMG's and then reloads it 🟡 Working on a fix
Rockets fired by the player can often fly in the wrong direction 🟡 Working on a fix
HUD and Stun Baton will appear in Shelly's hand after using the terminal at The Dream level 🟡 Working on a fix
The player pulls out weapons when vaulting in the Dream Level 🟡 Working on a fix
Loverboy's alt-fire doesn't always target enemies within the first time 🟡 Working on a fix
The "Auto switch weapon when empty" function doesn't work 🟡 Working on a fix
Explosion of Bowling Bomb in "Fire Strike" mode does not damage enemies 🟡 Working on a fix
Los Alamos Defender does not always explode on Death 🟡 Working on a fix
Killing Colonel Graywater while mid-air in Phase 2 causes him to get stuck in mid-air 🟡 Working on a fix
Shelly doesn't automatically drop the dismounted minigun or grenade launcher after exhausting the clip 🟡 Working on a fix

*Opening the mod menu with the M key, deactivating, and reactivating the mod will fix the problem.
**As a temporary workaround, players can crouch through the middle of the door.