General Information


Q: What platforms is RIPOUT available on?
A: RIPOUT is available on Steam!

Q: What is RIPOUT about?
A: Inspired by classic sci-fi horror like The Fly and The Thing, RIPOUT transports players to 2084 to uncover the mystery behind a genetically engineered bioweapon that has wiped out mankind. Explore a variety of procedurally generated ships and fight to survive against nightmarish creatures that can adapt and reconfigure into even more deadly designs. Every run is unique, with a range of different objectives, enemies and upgrade options.

Q: Can you play RIPOUT solo?
A: Yes, you can play RIPOUT solo if you prefer.

Q: What engine is RIPOUT built in?
A: RIPOUT is built in the Unreal 4 Engine.

Q: Where can I access the Early Access Roadmap?
A: You can check it out in the photo below: