How to Report an Issue

Reporting an Issue

If you find a bug in the game or something you think isn’t working as intended, please let us know through a ticket and mention the following details:

  • E-mail Address: provide us with your e-mail address so we can contact you if further information is needed.
  • Subject: a short description of the issue.
  • Inquiry Type: pick a corresponding inquiry type for your issue.
  • Description: here, you can give us more details about the issue you are experiencing. The more you can tell us about the problem, the better. It can be what and when, location name, quest name, and similar information. If it's a constant issue and you know how to reproduce it, you can give us the steps.
  • Platform: specify the platform you're playing the game on.
  • Attachments: here, you can leave screenshots and videos (or a DxDiag export if you are playing on a PC) of the issue. This is an optional field but helps with narrowing down the problem.
  • Region: this information will help us identify the connection and downloadable content issues.


When we're troubleshooting an issue, sometimes we may ask you to provide us with a DxDiag report. A DxDiag report is the result of the execution of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (dxdiag.exe). This report allows us to view your system information which will assist us in identifying the cause of the issue. To get the DxDiag, do the following:

  • Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to bring up the Run command.
  • In the "Run" command box, type in dxdiag and press OK:

  • The DirectX Diagnostic Tool pop-up window should appear. Click on "Save All Information":

  • Save the information to your desktop, and keep the file name as is.
  • Attach the file to the Support Ticket, and let us work our magic.


Reporting Game Crashes

When you experience a crash, a Crash Reporter window will open. Please make sure when you send a crash report, you include a detailed description that includes your Ticket ID. To accomplish this, please create a support ticket before submitting your crash report. Crash reports are unidentifiable, and we will be unable to link them to your issue without you assisting us.

Additionally, please include the following information:

  • Recurrence of the crash.
  • How frequent is the crash occurring?
  • Does the crash happen on a specific map or game mode?
  • Does the crash only happen when you're matchmaking, on a community server, or playing locally?

Please include any other information you think would be useful in identifying the crash. These are the details we require in order to effectively investigate your crash report. Please keep this in mind before creating a ticket.