General Information

Heading Out FAQ

Q: What is Heading Out?
A: Heading Out is an immersive driving game meets visual novel passionately inspired by cult classic road movies. It's you, your car and the road. As you drive across the USA, people take notice. But nobody knows where you'll end up - not even you.

Q: Where can I play Heading Out?
A: Heading Out will be available for PC via Steam.

Q: What is the release date?
A: Heading Out will launch on Steam on May 7, 2024.

Q: Are there pre-orders available? 
A: We are not selling pre-orders for Heading Out.

Q: Will there be physical copies available? 
A: Heading Out will not have physical copies available at launch.

Q: Does this game support controller input?
A: Yes, there is full controller support.

Q: Does this game support steering wheels?
A: No, Heading Out does not support steering wheel controllers.

Q: Will there be multiplayer?
A: No, Heading Out is a single-player experience.

Q: I am a content creator; where can I request a game code?
A: Codes are not ready to go out, however, you can put in a request on Lurkit and we will evaluate requests closer to launch.

Q: What's included in the Deluxe Edition? 

A: The Deluxe Edition includes the full game along with the original soundtrack, allowing you to immerse yourself in the game's atmosphere even when you're not playing.

Q: Can I purchase the original soundtrack separately

A: Yes, you can purchase the original soundtrack separately.

Q: How do I access the original soundtrack?

A: Once you make your purchase, the original soundtrack will be automatically added to your Steam library. You can access it through the Steam client or the Steam website and download it to your device to listen to it anytime, anywhere.