Patch Notes

December 19, 2023 - Patch Notes (PC)

New Content

  • Added MotorPark as a built-in mod (it can be found in the menu on the left side in the mod manager).


  • Improved the general loading time of OpenGL.
  • Fixed the inability to Alt-Tab in the full-screen mode on DX12.
  • Fixed the twitching image appearing when using vehicles with cannons/turrets in slow motion. 
  • Fixed the confusing Ctrl+Shift+D debug bind that changed the game's color filter. 
  • Fixed an issue when mod objects lacked movement blur effect in the Photo mode.
  • Fixed camera vehicle movement following a pattern not matching the behavior set in the 1.4 version.
  • Fixed an issue when shapes could hang in the air after destroying an object.
  • Fixed the Hunting Rifle shot colliding with an object set to collide = false.
  • Fixed an issue when the TV sound could disappear when it was out of view. 
  • Fixed the incorrect statistics being displayed in the profiler.
  • Fixed the "Recording" watermark being displayed on footage recorded with the Screen Recorder.
  • Fixed the search function not working in the spawn menu on Steam Deck.
  • Fixed an issue when spamming navigation buttons lagged the UI animations.
  • Fixed an issue when the debug text appeared after spawning a shape with special symbols in its name.
  • Fixed a delay in text typing occurring in the Spawn menu with many mods in the list.
  • Fixed a UiWindow content clipping issue when UiWindow was out of screen boundaries.
  • Fixed the inability to select a tool after exiting the Creative mode with a gamepad.
  • Addressed other various bugs.
  • Tweaked the general performance.



  • Introduced a new asset library with a new path prefix BUILT-IN. It should be used in the same way as MOD/ and LEVEL/. BUILT-IN is a library of standardized assets provided by Tuxedo Labs. Our intention with the built-in library is to give modders a standardized set of assets to be used when building mods to not start from zero. The built-in assets can be used as is, or made into a local copy to be modified as you see fit.
  • The font size is now saved after restarting the game.
  • File sorting and search behavior in the Content Explorer was improved.
  • The editor now has a shape counter, which is displayed in the upper right corner of the top menu bar.


  • Opened API functions:
  • Added API functions:
  • SetCameraTransform now incorporates interpolation to enhance compatibility with mods.
  • Fixed the position offset when using SetPlayerCameraOffsetTransform. It now also supports stackable effects so that multiple sources can influence the camera offset together. 
  • SetVehicleHealth documentation updated. This function may be used to implement a custom vehicle damage system. Works only for vehicles with the 'customhealth' tag ('customhealth' disables the standard vehicle damage system).
  • LastInputDevice documentation updated.