Patch Notes

December 13, 2023 - Patch Notes (PlayStation, Xbox)

Time Campers DLC

  • Added possibility for horses to spawn in the main game.
  • Added a tutorial for the use of Gunpowder.
  • Reduced weight for targets.
  • Fixed a missing texture on benches located near the Bank.
  • Fixed dynamite bundle functionality on doors.
  • Fixed the rain ambiance for the Saloon destruction mission.
  • Fixed problematic holes found in sections of the caves.
  • Added additional prompts to key objects.
  • Flying images in the credits have been removed.
  • Fixed the skip option functionality in cut scenes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused collected items to fly in the HUB.
  • Fixed the issue causing the player to fall off the horse when it sinks.
  • DLC Progress no longer affects the primary campaign.
  • Fixed the van rotation and positioning in the intro.
  • Fixed various localization issues.
  • Fixed the floating clock tower after the Tornado mission.
  • Fixed an issue with Gunpowder that doesn't detonate objects.
  • Fixed collected secret items hanging in the air in the HUB. 
  • Fixed the credits can endlessly scroll at the end of the DLC.
  • Fixed an issue when the van in the intro could flip over.
  • Fixed an issue when the vehicle disappeared near the van during the intro segment.
  • Using tools when a player is on the horse is now prohibited.