Patch Notes

November 28, 2023 - Patch Notes

New Content

  • Roadbook Editor: Create your roadbooks using the Roadbook Editor.
  • Replay Mode: After each stage, players now have the option to review their driving performance through replays. Switch between different camera angles to closely observe every detail of your race.
  • Photo Mode: While using the Replay feature, you can pause the reproduction of your driving and capture photos from your racing performance.
  • Audi RS Q e-tron: The moment has just arrived for those who have been waiting to get the Audi RS Q e-tron. It is now available for free!
  • Hybrid Vehicle Pack:
    • GCK Motorsport
    • Hino 600 Hybrid
    • Riwald Renault C460
  • SnowRunner Cars Pack: Get ready to extend your off-road rally experience with the SnowRunner Cars! Drive five of the most powerful cars from SnowRunner:
    • TUZ 166
    • DON 71
    • KHAN 39
    • KHAN 317
    • KHAN L04F
  • SnowRunner Rally Events: Overcome extreme open-world environments with the addition of 9 new stages:
    • SnowRunner Challenge (6x Stages, Sport Game Mode)
    • SnowRunner Challenge (3x Stages, Professional Game Mode)
  • Classics Vehicle Pack #2: Get ready for the new off-road rally experience with the legendary vintage vehicles from 1982 and 1985, respectively:
    • Lada Niva 1600 4x4 (1982)
    • Honda Africa Twin (1985)


  • Fixed an issue when Saudi Arabia Extended Map Events were not available for PlayStation users.
  • Fixed a soft-lock when the host restarted a private race on PlayStation.
  • Fixed an issue in which players could not join the lobby created at the Dakar Qualifications event on PS5.
  • Fixed Xbox One crashing in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a crash issue after the Xbox console woke up from connected standby.
  • Fixed the "Monster Claw" achievement that could not be obtained on Xbox.