General Information

Teardown PC FAQ

Q: Is there a sandbox mode?
A: Yes, each level in the campaign has a separate sandbox mode to play around in with unlimited resources. There is an option to enable all levels and tools in sandbox mode without playing through the campaign.

Q: Will Teardown be available for MacOS/Linux/iPhone/Android?
A: We have no plans for other platforms at the moment, but that might change in the future.

Q: Does Teardown support online multiplayer?
A: No, at least not currently. Multiplayer is very hard in physics-based games, but it will be investigated. Multiplayer could also become a separate game that uses the same engine.

Q: The game crashes when starting a level.
A: This can happen if the game is played on hardware that is below the minimum specification. The game requires an OpenGL 4.5-compatible graphics card with at least 3Gb of video memory. Intel-integrated graphics cards are not supported.

Q: I am getting "Application load error: 3:0000065432" when the game launches.
A: If you see this, it is likely caused by third-party security software and is not game-specific. You can find more information here.

Q: Why does the game launch in 60 Hz display mode?
A: The game is optimized for a 60 Hz refresh rate and tries to select that for fullscreen mode if available. If you choose borderless window under display settings, you can run it at your desktop default refresh rate, but it can sometimes cause stuttering, so we recommend playing Teardown at 60 Hz if possible.

Q: Can I turn off ray tracing to get better performance?
A: No. Teardown does not use a conventional renderer since there are no polygons. Ray tracing is part of the core voxel renderer and cannot be disabled.

Q: The game only uses a fraction of my CPU/GPU. Why?
A: Due to the heavy use of physics, Teardown can be either CPU or GPU-bound, depending on the situation. The engine is heavily multi-threaded, but it will rarely ever be able to use all available hardware.

Q: Is Teardown available in other languages?
A: Teardown is available in English, European French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

Q: What game engine are you using?
A: The game uses a custom physics and graphics engine based on voxel technology and is built for this game specifically.

Q: Can you play the game in VR?
A: There is no official VR support.

Q: Why do I get a cryptic message when I try to publish my mod?
A: This message most probably appears when your preview.jpg file size exceeds the limit of 1 MB.

Q: Why do you use DX12 instead of Vulkan?
A: Teardown uses Direct3D12 on all 3 platforms. It is just more effective to maintain a few backends and concentrate on bug fixing, performance, and visual improvements.

Q: In which way is DX12 better than OpenGL?
A: Direct3D12 offers better performance and better visuals.

Q: Will there be an option to choose between DX11 and DX12?
A: We are not planning to do that.

Q: Does DX12 support mean that Teardown will now support DLSS and FSR besides the regular TAA?
A: That is definitely interesting tech that we are looking into, but there are no plans for it currently.

Q: Will there be an option to set an in-game frame rate?
A: No.