Trading and Burning Cards Update

Hello everyone!

We are about a week out from the launch of Wild Card Football, and it has been so incredible to see all of your enthusiasm for the game so far. Please keep sharing your highlights with us, we love to see them! Here is where we are at regarding some of the issues raised in the Discord server and on social media.

The team is working on a patch addressing the inability to trade and burn cards. We have found and fixed the issue and are now going through the process to validate and release it for all the platforms the game is supported on.

Additionally, we are adding the following issues raised by the community to the known issues list. We are actively working on these and will share more information when we have it.

We are aware of an issue where controlled players can unexpectedly stop moving when trying to intercept a pass during online games.

We are looking into how to make each game feel quicker to play through. 

AI Behaviour
We have received reports showing instances where the AI-controlled players behave not as intended. 

We are aware of some cases where the in-game mechanics can feel unresponsive due to a short delay in regaining control after automatic player actions. 

We regularly evaluate game and player balancing as we continue to work on Wild Card Football.

Thank you, each of you, for the continuous feedback and support for the game and our development teams. See you on the field! 

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