Patch Notes

April 26, 2023 - Patch Notes

New Platform

  • Now available on Steam!

New Features

  • Added Japanese and Korean language support (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Epic Games, and Steam).
  • All weapon mastery statistics will be displayed in the skill tree. 

New Free Content

  • New Mission: Kelly fights Eligos in “Stalking in a Winter Wonderland”.
  • New Outfit: Kelly’s “Stay Frosty” Outfit can be acquired by completing the “Stalking in a Winter Wonderland” mission.
  • New Weapons: 
    • Pipe
    • Submachine Gun

New Premium Content

You can purchase the following in the “Who’s Your Daddy” Bundle. 

  • New Demon: Schemer Class, Baal with his Skinned Proselyte and Meat Puppets minions.
  • New Survivor: Brock Williams.
  • New Outfits:
    • Pablo’s “El Brujo” Outfit
    • Amanda’s “Duty Calls” Outfit
    • Ash’s “Ashy Slashy” Outfit

Balance Changes

  • Reduced the number of vehicles on each map. Previously the maximum number of cars was spawning. Below are rough numbers of how many could spawn:

    • Caravans Map:
      - Minimum: 10
      - Maximum: 28
    • Cabin Map:
      - Minimum: 5
      - Maximum: 15
    • Army of Darkness Map:
      - Minimum: 7
      - Maximum: 24
  • The maximum defense amount a survivor can stack is now 55%.
  • Plaguebringer’s Boss portal unit health increased by an additional 5% from Level 3.
  • Puppeteer’s Boss portal unit damage increased by an additional 5% from Level 3.
  • Plaguebringer’s Regeneration per second per blight slack without the Blight Booster skill decreased from 1.5 to 1.
  • Plaguebringer’s Regeneration per second per blight slack with the Blight Booster skill increased from 1.75 to 2.
  • Warrior Ash's Active Ability now grants 25% - 30% defense. 


  • Ruby's Aura works as intended, applying the correct damage buff to the survivors.
  • Annie Knowby's ability now applies the correct buff to the survivors' attacks.
  • Bot survivors will now use the lantern during the game (Solo vs. AI).
  • Survivors will no longer receive damage during the reviving animation. Damage will only be applied once the player can move.
  • Ash Warrior's passive skill "Shield Blast" will no longer interrupt the animation of spawning Demon Units from a trap.
  • Blacksmith can now see the metal scraps when in the car.
  • Survivors will be able to dodge melee/kicks to avoid stun locking.
  • After a player stops aiming with the Boomstick, they will no longer hold the Boomstick and a Chainsaw in an unnatural position if the current melee weapon is Chainsaw.


  • All Demon Bosses can now vault windows.
  • Demon Deadites will be able to vault windows in the Castle Kandar Map.
  • The Demon will no longer lose energy without inflicting damage when hitting the dodging survivor with the possessed car.
  • Witch's Primal Scream now deals damage to the Necronomicon.


  • The model of the character will no longer hang in the air if the player is killed in the car.
  • The camera won't distance itself from the character in the running state.