Patch Notes

February 28, 2023 - Patch Notes

New Premium Content

  • SnowRunner Trucks DLC: test your resolve against the scorching sands with NEW SnowRunner Trucks, stages, and events in this Premium DLC.
    • New Trucks:
      - TUZ 16
      - TUZ 108
      - TUZ 420
      - ZiKZ 605R
      - YAR 87
  • New Stages and Events. 
    • Sports Mode - 6 Stages and 1 Event:
      - 01 Bisha
      - 02 Jeddah
      - 03 Alsharaf
      - 04 Gayal
      - 05 Al Ula
      - 06 Shigry
    • Professional Mode - 3 Stages and 1 Event:
      - 01 Jeddah
      - 02 Gayal
      - 03 Shigry

New Features

  • Steering Wheel Wizard: An easy step-by-step solution for players to configure their connected steering wheels and peripherals.
  • Camera FOV lets you configure your FOV for the cockpit, dashboard, hood, and front cameras.
  • Added “Handling Style” to allow players to activate a more challenging experience under Gameplay Options.
  • The steering wheel angle can now be set up to 2,520º if supported by the Steering Wheel Hardware.
  • Cockpit Camera now simulates the wheel rotation of an actual steering wheel when a player is using Steering Wheel hardware.

Additional Steering Wheels Supported

  • SIMUCUBE 2 Pro Wheel Base (PC). 
  • FANATEC GT DD Pro (PC - PS4 - PS5). 
  • LOGITECH PRO Racing Wheel (PC - PS4 - PS5 – X1 – XSX - XSS). 
  • HORI Racing Wheel APEX (PS4 - PS5). 
  • HORI FF Racing Wheel DLX (Xbox One - XSX - XSS). 
  • HORI Racing Wheel Overdrive (Xbox One - XSX - XSS). 


  • Added more classes of AI vehicles during Professional and Simulation modes to make them feel more realistic.
  • For Professional and Simulation game modes, all vehicles will now be included in the ranking to make these modes feel more realistic.
  • Removed auto-driving in the DSS when playing in Professional and Simulation game modes.
  • Players can configure the Steering wheel angle up to 2,520 degrees on supported hardware.
  • In Simulation Mode with Bikes or Quades when the player doesn’t have a co-pilot, the odometer will only be adjusted automatically on Waypoints. 
  • In Simulation Mode, the Waypoint radius opening distances were adjusted to increase the sim navigation experience.
  • Reduced repetition from the Navigator AI when they speak.
  • Adjusted wheels’ life so flat tires occur more realistically.
  • Added a button to refresh leaderboard information.