Patch Notes

February 8, 2023 - Hotfix


  • Melee damage no longer increases for Lord Arthur's active ability.
  • Ranged damage no longer increases every time Annie activates her ability.
  • Ruby's passive healing stops working when she's possessed.
  • Ruby's passive healing heals the correct value.
  • Fixed Ed Getley's ability "It's a Trap" to deactivate portal traps placed by the Demon. 
  • Survivors will be unable to shoot off the head of possessed Elite units before they get to 0 HP.
  • Fixed when players could not successfully resurrect AI Survivors on altars.


  • Fixed Puppeteer's "Power Possess" ability cooldown.
  • The effects of "Puppeteer Master: Damage Done" now disappear after unpossessing a survivor inside Ash or Ruby's aura.
  • The first attack after Special Attack can now damage Basic and Elite Deadites.
  • Evil Ash can no longer interrupt stunning animation by dodging.
  • Demon won't be able to set a double trap at the same place on Ye Olde S-Market on the Army of Darkness Map.


  • Freezes no longer happen when a player tries to upgrade two characters' Prestige levels in a row.
  • Fixed freezes or crashes when changing party leader.
  • Fixed aiming camera being briefly reset after a certain set of movements.
  • Fixed issues with Skill Point settings for some players in the Collection.
  • Messages showing if a friend is online will disappear from the screen after a while.
  • Updated Pit Deadites' 3D model.

Splatter Royale


  • Fixed long wait at the end of the lobby countdown.
  • Fixed getting disconnected if players have a really slow connection in Splatter Royale.
  • Fixed a matchmaking issue where players canceled matchmaking.


  • Fixed character physics in Splatter Royale's Spectator Mode.
  • Now all players get into Spectator Mode after dying in Splatter Royale, regardless of if they died in a car, by world enemies, or by the storm.
  • Improved the visibility of how other players with fear appear or disappear in the Splatter Royale's minimap.
  • Pickups spawned after killing a player in Splatter Royale mode will have more space between them to make them easier to collect.
  • The camera will not shake in spectator mode in Splatter Royale.
  • The Splatter Royale kill feed is now fully translated into all languages.