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Using Nvidia DLSS and Reflex with Dakar Desert Rally

In this article, we’ll explain how PC players with Nvidia RTX-branded graphics cards can make use of Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS. We will also describe how to enable Nvidia Reflex on Nvidia graphics cards, starting with the 900 Series.


  • Open the game, then go to Options.
  • Select Graphics and scroll down until you see the following:


  • NVIDIA DLSS –  This option is compatible with your Nvidia graphics card and should appear unlocked by default, and you can adjust the settings to your preference.
  • NVIDIA DLSS SUPER RESOLUTION – This option corresponds to DLSS 2.0. All Nvidia RTX graphics cards support this option.
  • NVIDIA DLSS FRAME GENERATION – This option corresponds to DLSS 3.0. Only Nvidia RTX 4000 Series graphics cards can use DLSS 3.0.


  • NVIDIA REFLEX LOW LATENCY – Reflex Low Latency is unrelated to DLSS and is supported for Maxwell GPUs and upwards (essentially NVidia cards starting from the 900 Series).


  • If you have a 4000 Series card, and the “Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation” option appears locked, the Reflex option should be enabled in the system to make Frame Generation/DLSS 3.0 available. Please enable Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in your PC’s default graphics settings. 
  • Navigate to this option by opening System > Display > Graphics, then click “Change default graphics settings”.


  • This will require restarting your PC if it is not already on.