Downloadable Content Troubleshooting

If you are unsure whether the additional content has been correctly installed or is not displayed in the game after the download, we recommend following the below steps.


  • Make sure the DLC is licensed for use in the same country as your account. If the countries are different, the DLC may not be compatible.
  • Make sure you’re connected to the account and signed in with the profile that originally purchased the content.
  • Make sure you have verified the integrity of your game files.
  • You may need to update your console or the marketplace. For example, if your download was aborted, you may need to install an update before the download can be completed.
  • Note that some DLCs included in the Season Pass and, in general, may require an additional download or purchase (with no charge) via the marketplace. Once you have located the content, try downloading it. If the download option is not displayed, the item is not detected as purchased. If the item was purchased or should be included in your Season Pass, please get in touch with marketplace support.
  • Try reinstalling the game or the DLC (we highly recommend installing/reinstalling the DLCs separately, not with the Season Pass bundle download). If the steps mentioned in the article do not work, delete and reinstall the game and the DLC.
  • If the DLC does not install via the marketplace, ensure you have enough storage on your disk and console. Visit the store to find the minimum storage required for your download. 



PlayStation 5 console:

  • Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Restore Licenses
  • Select Restore and wait until the operation has been completed, then try reaccessing your content.

PlayStation 4 console:

  • Go to Settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses.
  • Select Restore and wait until the operation has been completed and try reaccessing your content.

If the item is displayed as downloadable, but can't be installed, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your PlayStation.
  • Disconnect the power cable.
  • Wait for one minute.
  • Reconnect the power cable and restart the console.



  • Check the Xbox status page. If you see any services with alerts, expand the service, scroll down to Notifications, and sign in to receive a message when the service is up and running again.
  • Try restoring the game's licenses. Xbox > Games & Apps > Redout 2 > Install All.


Nintendo Switch

  • Purchases on the Nintendo Switch eShop are tied to the Nintendo Account that made the purchase.
  • Content may be limited to the Nintendo Account that purchased it if you are using a non-primary console.
  • If a game has been deleted from the Home Menu, it can be redownloaded using the Nintendo Account that bought the game.
  • When using a non-primary console, you are the only player that can access the digital games that you've purchased. Other players will not be able to access your digital games on a non-primary console.