Patch Notes

October 27, 2022 - Patch Notes

New Content

  • New Survivor: Blacksmith (Support)
  • New Weapons:
    - Rapid Fire Crossbow
    - Quarterstaff
  • New Single Player Mission: Out of Tricks
  • New Premium Outfits:  
    - Lord Arthur - Rightful King
    - Warrior Ash Williams - S-mart Halloween
    - Warrior Ash Williams - Sellsword
    - Henry The Red - Berserker Cosplay
    - Henry The Red - Red Pikeman

New Changes 

  • Legacy of El Brujo: Now, besides starting with an amulet, Pablo can carry one more amulet and provide more shield to the nearby teammates when using an amulet
  • Infernal Camouflage: When Pablo shields a teammate, they will receive infernal camouflage for 8 seconds
  • Leaders Pink F improvement: Now, leaders can apply more pink F
  • The player will be able to press the "interact" button before reaching an interactable and still collect it


  • The upper arrow no longer appears after refreshing the additional content in the collection after purchasing something in the in-game store
  • Survivors take damage inside the car when hit by the demonic units
  • Possessed survivors no longer get stuck in the car if the player runs over it and gets out abruptly
  • Demons can no longer see other Survivor's positive tokens
  • "Carry soul to the altar" status will no longer continue to be displayed after Survivor drops the soul from their inventory
  • Henrietta's Gas skill duration will no longer stack per Boss Summon if the “Lingering Gas” skill is active
  • Stamina will not be spent without sprinting if the player presses the sprint button at the end of some animations
  • The Witch is no longer able to use the "Potion pitcher" ability before the boss spawn animation is finished
  • The "Y" / "Triangle" button on controllers will be activated the first time player runs toward a target
  • Title (Missing Text)" and "Lorem ipsum" text will no longer appear after the player exits from any mission and returns to the Mission Menu
  • Players won't get soft-locked if they send a Report and then rapidly send Friend Requests during the "Please wait" pop-up
  • Blue double barrel will 100% spawn in Bronson's Cave and Circus Cages location during Mission 1
  • Demons will no longer see weapons with a red outline, even on a character with no fear if it was dropped by scared Survivor previously
  • The grab ability of any Boss can no longer cancel Mia's Active skill and its effects
  • Ed Getley's flashlight can be switched off during active skill time
  • The player will no longer be slowed down or stuck when driving a car and quickly entering Fairview Campground 
  • Demonic units will no longer fly away when possessed with exactly the minimum Evil Energy cost to possess
  • VFX and effect of the Warlord's Bad Influence aura will be correctly located in the possessed character if it was activated during possession animation
  • Double Pierce ability will now show VFX and inflict Survivors with Blight on AI-controlled Prisoner Skeleton 
  • Demon Units will not be distorted/glitched after being shot/killed with a Nailgun
  • Henrietta's gas will no longer cancel Survivors' active skills animations and effects
  • Various getting stuck, collisions, and stability fixes

Balance Updates

  • Survivor Pablo’s Legacy of El Brujo extra shield amount is set at a value of 20 for 8 seconds and includes an additional charge
  • Survivor Lord Arthur’s Melee increased from 3 to 5, and Health, Stamina, and Shield increased from 3 to 4
  • Survivor Ash Williams’ Melee, Ranged, Health, Stamina, and Shield increased from 3 to 4
  • Survivor Annie Knowby’s Range increased from 3 to 5, and Health, Stamina, and Shield increased from 3 to 4
  • Survivor Kelly’s Weapon Master: Meat Hammer damage increased from 30% to 60%
  • Survivor Kelly’s bleeding damage increased from 20% to 25%
  • Puppeteer "Puppet Master: Power possesses" Cooldown increased from 60 seconds to 80 seconds
  • Puppeteer “Puppet Master: Power Possess” damage (at the highest level, 45) decreased from 25% to 15%