Patch Notes

December 5, 2023 - Patch Notes

New Content

  • Valley of the Zeke Episode DLC.
  • New Playable Characters:
    • Zach Austin
    • Heather Vaughn
    • Eugene Sims
    • Mia Sanchez
  • Pre-Apocalypse Character Skins Pack DLC.
  • Burning Skulls Weapons Skin Pack DLC.
  • New Weapon - DE50 Heavy Pistol.
  • New Special Zombie - Juggernaut.
  • Added Challenge Mode for Rome XL.
  • Added Japanese language for PC versions (Steam, EGS, and Microsoft Store).
  • New Mutators for Challenge Mode:
    • Wild West - everyone gets a free Lever-Action Rifle (primary weapon) and a Revolver (secondary weapon) and can't have any other weapon.
    • Matador - dodging Bull charges will reward players with resources; however, if caught, the resources will get lost.
    • Epilogue - deadly gas for zombies will be released during the attack on the final gate (once per match).
    • Neural Network - all auto-turrets will be equipped with explosive rounds, but their operational time will be reduced by 1 (from 3).
    • Homeopathy - using medical items will disable sprinting for 20 seconds.
    • Protect Me - if the marked player dies, the former player will lose resources.
    • Expired Medicine - the more damage you take, the more medkits you will find, but their healing effect will be reduced by 50%.