Patch Notes

August 10, 2023 - Patch Notes

New Content

  • New Paid DLC - Victory Lap Weapon Skins Pack.
  • New Horde Mode XL Map - Rome.
  • New primary weapon - Repeating Rifle.
  • New heavy weapon - Multi-Shot Rocket Launcher.
  • New perks for specific weapons.
  • 4 New trinkets for characters.
  • 9 New perks for each player class.
  • 19 New Mutators in Horde Mode Challenge:
    • Airstrike (the mortar shell can land in three random locations).

    • Healing Explosions (device and heavy weapon explosions restore health).

    • Drone Army (each player receives a temporary drone).

    • Free Meds (free medicine becomes available in the main shop).

    • The Pursuers (players can encounter slow, more resilient zombies during the wave that can revive and pursue players until the end of the wave).

    • Free Supply (free gear bags become available in the main shop).

    • Sell-Out (defense kits start having a discount).

    • Taxes (defense kits start costing more).

    • Leg Day (the player loses health and stamina when climbing).

    • Hot-Tempered Bull (each Bull’s ground smash causes an explosion).

    • My Chainsaw and Me (a random player gets an infinite ammo chainsaw without being able to use other weapons).

    • Primary Weakness (primary weapon damage gets reduced by 75%).

    • Electrical Resistant Skin (zombies gain full immunity to electricity, no longer take damage, but can still be stunned).

    • Lifebuoy (when an ally is revived, both players gain the masking effect for 6 seconds).

    • What's That Boom? (all primary weapons get explosive ammo).

    • Double Benefit (all secondary weapons get double damage).

    • Especially Dangerous (after the death of a special zombie, a poisonous cloud remains that disappears only at the stage of preparation for the wave).

    • The Impaler (melee kills restore HP).

    • Mined Corpses (zombies killed with non-headshots explode, but only players take damage from the explosion). 


  • Mutators from Horde Mode Challenge can now be used in private lobbies.
  • Added Quick Match search option for Horde Mode and Horde Mode XL.
  • Tokyo Horde Mode XL map is now available in the Horde Mode Challenge.
  • Fixed a bug when the player with the "Judo" or "Rage Mode" perk could become invincible. 
  • Fixed a bug when respawning a Vanguard class player with the "Stronger Together" perk would heal all players to full HP.
  • Fixed a bug when the Grenade Launcher with the "Incendiary Grenades" weapon perk and "High Voltage" Slasher class perk could inflict unexpectedly high damage.
  • Classes (Gunslinger, Fixer, Medic, Slasher) can now be assigned to the bots, and they can use the abilities of these classes.


  • Added the FSR 2.2 support.
  • Added new DualSense Haptic Feedback effects.
  • Fixed the Dead Sea Stroll level crashes on the MS Store game version.


  • Added new DualSense Haptic Feedback effects on PlayStation 5.
  • Fixed crashes in Horde Mode XL on PlayStation 5.
  • Slightly improved performance on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.