Dakar Desert Rally FAQ

Q: What platforms is Dakar Desert Rally available on?
A: Dakar Desert Rally is available on PC for Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Q: Where can I buy Dakar Desert Rally?
A: You can find digital and physical copies of the Dakar Desert Rally here.

Q: Is Crossplay supported?
A: Dakar Desert Rally supports Crossplay on PC between Steam and Epic Games Store.

Q: What Driving Wheels and accessories are supported?
A: You can find a complete list of supported accessories here.

Q: What does the planned roadmap look like?
A: The official roadmap can be found here:


Q: Will there be a Photo Mode?
A: Yes, it's planned in our future Roadmap. See the above.

Q: Will there be a Replay System?
A: Yes, it's planned in our future Roadmap. See the above.

Q: How do I use the Steering Wheel Wizard?
A: Please see our article here

Q: How do I access the SnowRunner events?
A: The Sport Mode and Professional Mode events can be found on the map here:

Q: How do I access the SnowRunner Trucks content?
A: The SnowRunner Trucks pack is available as part of the Season Pass or as a separate purchase.

Q: How do I find the SnowRunner trucks?
A: They have their own tab within Vehicle Selection. Go to Trucks, then SnowRunner.

Q: How do I change camera FOVs?
A: Navigate to the Options Menu, select Gameplay options, then scroll down to the Camera section, to manually change the FOV of each type of camera.

Q: Does Dakar Desert Rally support DLSS?
A: Yes, Dakar Desert Rally supports both DLSS and REFLEX.

Q: Can I turn off or adjust the weather conditions?
A: During the first race, you'll get the default scripted weather. After completing a race, you can adjust the “Random & Time Weather”. Also, with custom races, the Host can select the stage and weather conditions before starting the race.

Q: What languages is Dakar Desert Rally localized in?
A: Audio and interface (with subtitles) are available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish-Spain, Japanese, Portuguese-Portugal, and Portuguese-Brazil.

Q: Does Dakar Desert Rally support split-screen?
A: No.

Q: Does Dakar Desert Rally support local co-op?
A: No.

Q: Can I purchase the Audi e-Tron if I missed the pre-order?
A: Yes, we offer the Audi e-Tron in a paid DLC.

Q: Is there an option to get out of my vehicle?
A: No, we wanted to focus more on the intensity of racing than rescuing.

Q: How do I play offline custom races?
A: Head to "Custom Online" to play games offline with bots.

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