General Information

Leveraging Bots

Learn how you can leverage bots with commands to help you survive the zombie apocalypse.



Friendly player bots are given the opportunity to interact with Medkits. They will pick up Medkits, store them and pass them to players. You can also command bots to do actions such as:

  • “Heal yourself!”: A call to the group to pay attention to health. Bots can heal themselves with a Medkit if their health is low.
  • “Restock!”: A call to the group to replenish supplies. Bots will start searching for the nearest Medkits.
  • “I need a Medkit!”: Bots will come to the player and transfer the Medkit to them. This only works if the player doesn’t already have a Medkit.


The keyboard can reassign voice commands; the standard buttons are listed below:

  • “Heal yourself”: Use the "H" heal button.
  • “Restock!”: Use the "G" group button.
  • “I need a Medkit!”: Use the “4” button.

For gamepad settings, you can use the following buttons: 

  • “Heal yourself”: Press the left arrow button. Holding the same button now triggers the "Great Job!" message.
  • “Restock!”: Press the right arrow button. Holding the same button now activates the "Sorry!" message.
  • “I need a Medkit!”: Press the low arrow button. Holding this button used to trigger the same line.