Evil Dead: The Game Crashes

General Tips

Please try these steps if your game crashes:

  • Verify game files (Epic Games Store or Steam);
  • Run the game as an administrator;
  • Reinstall DirectX;
  • Force run the game in DirectX 11;
  • Update the Unreal Engine;
  • Disable built-in\integrated GPU;
  • Disable CPU or GPU Overclocking;
  • Update your drivers to the latest version;
  • Disable Windows Firewall or Antivirus Program;
  • Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime;
  • Apply the latest Windows updates;
  • Try using AMD Clean Up Utility;
  • Disable Image Sharpening in Nvidia Control Panel;
  • Disable Fullscreen Optimizations;
  • Try setting a higher priority for Evil Dead: The Game in Windows Task Manager;
  • Set High Performance in Power Options;
  • Before starting the game, disable all controllers (steering wheels, gamepads, headphones, and even a keyboard). In some cases, they can cause unexpected issues;
  • Try disabling Overlay Apps and Background Applications;
  • Try deleting the Easy Anti-Cheat folder in the Program files and then reinstalling the game;
  • Close all applications that use the microphone (Discord, Skype, and others) in the Task Manager before starting the game;
  • If you have multiple monitors connected, try leaving only one primary;
  • We recommend doing a full clean of GPU drivers and making a fresh install of the latest version. If a new version doesn’t fix it, maybe try one of the older ones. NVIDIA recommends Display Driver Uninstaller for clean removal, so you may want to start with it.


Epic Games Launcher Cache

You can also try to clear the Epic Games Launcher's cache:

  1. Exit the Epic Games Launcher by right-clicking on the system tray icon in the bottom-right corner and then clicking Exit;
  2. Press the Windows key + R and type “%localappdata%” to open a File Explorer window;
  3. Open the Epic Games Launcher folder;
  4. Open the Saved folder;
  5. Click the “webcache” folder, and then delete it;
  6. Restart your computer and start the Epic Games Launcher.

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