SnowRunner FAQ

Q: What is SnowRunner?
A: SnowRunner is the ultimate off-road simulation experience, featuring incredible snow and mud physics in beautiful and wild environments.


Q: On which platforms can I play SnowRunner?
A: SnowRunner is available on Steam, EGS, Microsoft Store, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Q: Where can I buy SnowRunner?
A: You can buy the game here.


Q: Is there multiplayer?
A: Yes, SnowRunner supports up to four-player synchronous multiplayer.


Q: Is there crossplay?
A: Yes, crossplay is fully supported between PC and PlayStation, and Xbox. Crossplay support for Nintendo Switch will be available at a later date.


Q: Is it possible to transfer game progress from EGS to Steam?
A: Yes, you can find how to do so in our Transfering Save File from EGS to Steam article.


Q: Does SnowRunner use the same engine as MudRunner?
A: We ported MudRunner’s terrain simulation into its proprietary Swarm Engine, so it’s a completely different engine using the same terrain simulation that makes MudRunner, MudRunner.


Q: Are there mud maps?
A: Absolutely. Mud is in our blood! SnowRunner features maps with snow and maps with mud.


Q: How can I get additional content for SnowRunner?
A: You can get additional content by purchasing the DLCs separately or by purchasing game bundles like SnowRunner Premium Edition, the Year 1 Pass, the Year 2 Pass, and the Year 3 Pass.


Q: Is it possible to test upcoming updates in advance?
A: To test large updates, we sometimes make available a Public Test Server (PTS) on Epic Game Store, where you can test the upcoming content and provide feedback. Keep in mind that you will likely encounter bugs on the PTS since it's a testing environment.


Q: Does SnowRunner support mods?
A: Yes! You can install mods on PC, through, and on consoles in-game.


Q: Does SnowRunner support mods on Nintendo Switch?
A: Mods aren’t available on the Nintendo Switch for now.

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