General Information

SnowRunner Cross-Saves

Cross-Save transfer helps to move a player's saved game data from one platform to another. Note that the saves transferred are not synchronized, hence, you will need to manually move them to update the progress on the other platform. Here's a detailed guide on how to use this feature.


Transferring Process

  • Log in or sign up in the PROS system.  
  • Link the game via the main game menu by pressing the respective PROS button on the platforms you want to be linked to (here's an official PROS guide on how to do this).
  • Go into the main game menu of the transferring platform and upload the save file to the cloud:


  • Go back into the PROS system and choose the linked platform from which you want to transfer the file, and select the receiving platform from your platforms list.
  • Carefully read the confirmation points:
    - The old save of the linked platform will be replaced by a new save from another linked platform you chose to use.
    - The next save transfer will not be available within 2 hours, but you can revert it even after completion and during this time.
    - Paid DLCs will not be transferred across linked platforms.
  • Go back into the game from the receiving platform, and download the saves from the cloud, then confirm the changes:


  • The saves should be overwritten. If you encounter any technical issues, reach out to PROS Support Team.