World War Z: Aftermath Lost Save Files


PC players can access their Cloud Saves within their respective launchers (Epic Games Store, Steam). Additionally, we create a backup save file in the game directory; here's how to recover it:

  • Go to \Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Saber\WWZ\client\storage folder;
  • You should see the slots folder, which consists of your backup save files;
  • Copy user_progression.dat from one of the folders in slots to ...\storage\*profile*\ where *profile* consists of random letters and numbers (like 8f6c79c53f204e38bd...);
  • When launching the game, choose Local Data if the launcher asks you which data to use;



PlayStation users with PlayStation Plus subscription can use Online Storage to store their Save Files. Depending on the settings, data can be stored manually or automatically. It's worth checking if you have a World War Z: Aftermath save file uploaded to Online Storage:

  • Select your local user and go to Settings > Application Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage > Download to System Storage.
  • Select World War Z: Aftermath, the file you would like to download and select Yes to overwrite the system storage file.

Additional information about Online Storage can be found on the PlayStation website.



While connected to the Xbox network, saved games are automatically stored in the cloud. If you use your Xbox profile to sign in to a different Xbox console, your saves are available from that console.

Additional information about Cloud Saves can be found on the Xbox website.

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