General Information

World War Z: Aftermath FAQ

Q: What platforms is World War Z: Aftermath available on?
A: World War Z: Aftermath is out for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. You can also play the original World War Z on Nintendo Switch.

Q: Will WWZ: Aftermath release on Nintendo Switch?
We currently do not have plans to bring Aftermath to Nintendo Switch.

Q: Where can I buy the game?
A: You can find digital and physical copies of World War Z: Aftermath here.

Q: I have a Standard Version of World War Z. How can I get the Next Generation Free Upgrade?
A: You need a "World War Z: Aftermath" version of the game. If you own the Standard Version of the game, you can purchase the "WWZ Upgrade to Aftermath" separately.

Q: I have a Deluxe Edition of World War Z: Aftermath and didn’t receive the Raven Skin Pack. 
A: Raven Skin Pack is not a part of the World War Z: Aftermath Deluxe Edition, but you can purchase it separately on your platform where World War Z: Aftermath is supported.

Q: Can I customize my character’s appearance?
A: We have several outfits in the game for each character.

Q: Does the game support cross-progression?
A: World War Z: Aftermath doesn't support cross-progression. However, you can transfer your saves using the PROS system. Keep in mind this is a one-time transfer of your save files. For more, read this article.

Q: What languages is World War Z: Aftermath localized in?
A: Audio is only available in English, but the text is available in Spanish, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

Q: Does this game support local co-op?
A: No local co-op mode exists in World War Z: Aftermath. However, on World War Z on Nintendo Switch, you can play locally with other players on their Switches.

Q: Is cross-platform supported?
A: Yes, cross-play is supported on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. There is no cross-play with other platforms on Nintendo Switch.

Q: Do I need a paid subscription to play online?
A: Yes, you’d need PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live, or Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions to play online. Missions and solo modes can be played without said subscriptions.

Q: What are Prestige ranks for classes?
A: Prestige Ranks will grant unique rewards (there are no additional rewards after Prestige 9):
- Prestige perks.
- Unique weapon variants.
- Portrait frames.

Q: Do I need to finish all the new episodes to get a "Well, What Did You Achieve" trophy?
A: Yes, but you must finish all episodes on Insane or Extreme difficulty. Marseille, Rome, and Kamchatka are not included.

Q: I cannot unlock the "Handyman" trophy; what should I do?
A: You need to open and buy all perks in the game: Campaign Classes (8) and PvP Classes (10).

Q: My gun is not gaining any more experience. 
A: You may need to purchase an upgrade for the weapon you’re using. As long as your weapon has reached enough XP for an upgrade, you won't gain any more progression with it until you purchase an upgrade.

Q: What is a “Daily Challenge”?
A: Daily Challenges are unique tasks that let you earn additional rewards each day. You can complete them in both co-op and Horde Mode. 

Q: What are Lore Documents for?
A: There is a chance that you can find documents while completing a mission. Each document contains three pages; when you collect them all, they will give you a unique bonus perk. You can check the rewards for each document in the Challenges menu. These perks stack for each member of a party group who has them.

Q: Bomber dropped a container; what’s that for?
A: Bomber can drop Biohazard Container if killed without exploding. You can also find Biohazard Containers as you explore. You get additional rewards if you can complete a level with that container. If you die while carrying the container, it will disappear, not granting you any additional points. For each player holding a Biohazard Container, you get extra rewards.