General Information

Dakar Desert Rally Roadbook Editor

The Roadbook Editor has been added to Dakar Desert Rally with the 2.0 update, and we prepared a guide on how to use this new feature for those who might need it.

Creating the Roadbook

  • Select the “Roadbook Editor” option in the “Main Menu”.
  • Select “Create Roadbook” in the “Editor Selection Menu”.
  • Select an area of the "Saudi Arabia Map" and explore it before confirming the starting point and beginning to place the DSS.
  • Select a “Game Mode” for your track, and get creative!
  • When you finish creating your custom track, ensure it has no errors in the “Roadbook Info Panel”.
  • You can playtest your roadbook anytime with the “Test Drive” option in the “Pause Menu”.
  • If you've finished your route (placed the DSS, ASS and have corrected any errors in the Warnings Panel), you may select the “Validate Path” option through the “Pause Menu” to validate your route with an AI driver.
  • If the AI has successfully validated your route, you may now select the “Save Roadbook'' option through the “Pause Menu”, giving it a name and selecting a thumbnail image. (Note: The roadbook's name is strictly for personal organization purposes and will not be used as a stage name in events).

Making the Roadbook Playable

  • Having saved your roadbook, you may now leave to the “Main Menu” and enter the “Roadbook Editor” again, where the “Create Event” option is now available in the “Editor Selection Menu”.
  • Choose the game mode in which your track was created and select the “+ New Stage” option.
  • Select your stage.
  • While having your added stage selected, you can also edit its starting conditions, such as time of day and weather.
  • When you're done setting up the event's stages, press the “Save the Event” option to complete the process.
  • You may locally save the event to make a playable custom event just for you that you can load and edit again later or publish the event to the Community Browser. (Note: event names are displayed for other users, and restrictions are applied).
  • Published events can be selected and played with other users in private lobbies.

Playing the Custom Event, Downloaded Custom Events

  • To play with a custom track, return to the “Main Menu” and select the “Free Mode” option.
  • Select “Custom Play”, choose a vehicle, and then a game mode.
  • In the “Event Selection” option, select “Custom Events” and choose a track.

Playing a Custom Event Online

  • Published community events can be selected when creating private lobbies through the “Online Custom Play” option in the “Free Mode” menu.