World War Z: Aftermath Known Issues

Known issues track the status of reported issues we’ve identified and are currently investigating. Below you can see the status of the current problems. If you’re experiencing something that isn’t listed, please search our knowledge base, and if you don’t find a solution, submit a ticket here.

We're aware there are still issues where the World War Z: Aftermath's upgrade option from PS4 to PS5. Our team is addressing it.


Issue Status
Players on next-gen consoles are unable to view profiles of past-gen console players and vice versa 🟡 Working on a fix
Suppressors may trigger swarms, glitches in sound, visuals, and progression 🟡 Working on a fix
Some console players may experience issues with resolution, causing distortions, blurry/fuzzy image in the game 🟡 Working on a fix
Sometimes auto-turrets do not attack swarm zombies 🟡 Working on a fix
Players may experience issues when using Vulkan, FSR 🟡 Working on a fix
PS5 players can't join a party by the invite that was sent from PS4 and vice versa 🟡 Working on a fix
Some console owners are experiencing frame rate drops during the final swarm in Rome - The Final Push 🟡 Working on a fix
PS5 players are unable to mute other PS5 players 🟡 Working on a fix
The internet connection may not be restored after a network disconnection
🔴 Investigating the issue
Modern Gamertags of Xbox Series X|S users may not be displayed on other platforms 🔴 Investigating the issue
While using the controller player may be forced to use bandages before receiving a first aid kit from the AI 🔴 Investigating the issue
Some players are experiencing sound distortions when opening the Xbox Guide overlay during gameplay 🔴 Investigating the issue
Some players on Xbox Series X|S may experience graphical issues with bus textures 🔴 Investigating the issue
Some players might not be added to the party if an invite is accepted on the loading screen 🔴 Investigating the issue
Sometimes players can get in the game with other players from their block list in matchmaking 🔴 Investigating the issue
Xbox One players are unable to view Xbox Live player profiles via the in-game Recent Players menu 🔴 Investigating the issue
Sometimes Xbox One players are unable to join the party by an invite from Xbox Live players 🔴 Investigating the issue
Sometimes zombies may get stuck during a swarm in Horde Mode XL
🔴 Investigating the issue

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