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Fire Blower

She’ll turn even the smallest flame into the performance of a lifetime. Even the fire-breathing dragons of legend look on in awe!

Knife Thrower

As a master of blades, she throws knives with machine-like precision, blocking out any distractions with nerves of steel.


The Ventriloquist’s puppet sure, as he would say, ain’t no dummy. Or is the Ventriloquist himself the puppet?...


Withstanding inhuman amounts of pain is just another day at the office for this lovable man from India. He eats swords for breakfast – literally.


He bends the strongest metals with his bare hands! Throws them, too.


Need a good laugh? This guy might do the trick. Hey, it’s the 19th century – comedy doesn’t get much more advanced.

Escape Artist

She’s never met a situation from which she cannot free herself. But does she have what it takes to free a whole city?


Performing feats of superhuman agility, she rules both ground and air during her acrobatic acts.


With unmatched skill and experience, she ensures that no club, ball, or you-name-it hits the ground on her watch.


You’ll never trust your eyes again after seeing the amazing assortment of tricks and real-life wizardry this man puts on display every night. 

Snake Charmer

Her heavenly grace and charm enchant humans and reptiles alike. Her exotic dance moves make it impossible for anyone watching to look away.

Human Cannonball

There she flies! High into the sky! Will she ever come down? We hope so – there are Vicious to fight!

Stilt Boxer

Without ever losing her balance, she delivers – and takes – punches like a champ! She used to be one, after all.

Robot Bear

What do you get when you plaster bear fur onto a new invention known as a ‘robot’? Cuteness. Cudliness. Deadliness.


Don’t ever ask this extraordinarily flexible man why he chooses to stand on his hands so regularly. He’ll just give you a dirty look and insult you in French.