General Information

Circus Management

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Train Station

Hired performers cost a specific amount of resources, and you also have to pay a daily fee to keep them. If you lack the necessary resources to pay for the characters at the end of the day, they will leave the circus.

The higher the Train’s level, the higher the level of available characters. It also affects recruitment costs, daily fees, and even the availability of certain character classes.

Sleeping Cart

Resting characters regenerate Health but cannot participate in other activities.

The higher the Sleepin Cart’s level, the more beds are available for characters. The Sleeping Cart level also determines how much Health a character regenerates, how much their Devotion charges per day, and how many performers can be assigned to the Sleeping Cart.

Circus Tent

Gather money & resources to keep the Circus Electrique running! Select a program from different draft cards - these determine how many performers are needed and how many boosters can be used to improve results. You might receive useful crafting components after the show if you amaze the crowd. New Circus Show programs will become available as you progress, but some need resources to unlock and use. 

Selecting the appropriate is also key to putting on a good show! The chemistry between performers and high devotion can yield a better return. Characters selected to perform are not able to participate in other activities. 


Items can be created by combining components you gather from exploration, winning fights, or putting on Circus Shows. These can be:
- Consumables used to support team members in battles.
- Harmful items that can be used on opponents in battles.
- Traps that can be set in battles.
- Items for raising Circus Show performances.
- Special-purpose items.


Invented Superskills can be used in battle when amazement reaches the required level. Each Superskill has three efficiency levels depending on its slot in the Amazemeter. Any Superskill can be inserted into multiple slots, but only one at a time.

The higher the Workshop’s level, the more powerful Superskills are available for use in battles. At every level of the building, you will have the opportunity to invent a new Super Skill. 


Assign characters to help the exploration team for a day. Assisting characters helps to reveal enemy and reward types, boost Precision in battles, and increase the exploring team’s Devotion after the battle. Inserted characters cannot participate in other activities. 

The higher the building’s level, the more advantages are provided. 

Practice Tent

Train available performers in this building. Practicing characters may earn Experience Points, Devotion, or Circus Act attributes but cannot participate in other activities while practicing.
The higher the building’s level, the more the selected Performer's attributes may increase, and the more performers can stay in the Practice tent. 


Browse items in your possession, like resources, consumables, traps, and other things. Revisit previous issues of The Illuminated London Voice.