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Circus Electrique FAQ

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Q: What platforms is Circus Electrique available on?
A: Circus Electrique hits PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), Xbox One, Xbox X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Q: Where can I buy the game?
A: You can buy Circus Electrique at the digital store of your platform of choice.

Q: What languages is the Circus Electrique localized in?
A: Audio is only available in English. Subtitles and UI text is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.

Q: Why “Circus Electrique”? Why not "Circus Electric" or "Cirque Electrique"?
A: "One word in English and one word in French. Why?!" Because the proprietor/ringmaster knows his potential clientele is too uneducated to know what a "Cirque" is, while "electric" comes through in "Electrique" while sounding exotic.

Q: What playable classes are there?
A: Circus Electrique allows you to control 15 different classes, all based on classic roles in a circus: Strongman, Clown, Fire Blower, Escape Artist, Acrobat, Juggler, Knife Thrower, Illusionist, Snake Charmer, Ventriloquist, Fakir, Stilt Boxer, Human Cannonball and Balancer. And don't forget the Robobear! Not exactly historically accurate… but this is an alternate history, now, isn't it? 

Q: What is the story, and who are we fighting?
A: The world of Circus Electrique was identical to our own until 1873, when a great innovation known as the Spark revolutionized electricity, sending the timeline in a more steampunk direction. Our story takes place 26 years after a terrible event known as the Maddening has caused thousands of everyday Londoners – now known as the Vicious – to attack innocents, seemingly beyond their own will. Mysteriously immune to the Maddening, performers in the Circus Electrique join our protagonist Amelia on a quest to find out how this all happened and how to stop it. Unfortunately, the Vicious isn't going to make that an easy task.

Q: Is there permadeath?
A: Yes. Though designed to be less punishing than similar RPGs, your performers will die (especially on harder difficulty settings). However, their slot can always be filled by new prospective talent at the Train station. Equivalent to permadeath, your performers may choose to leave the circus entirely if you don't use them enough and they get bored or if their Devotion gets too low for too long. 

Q: What is Devotion, and how does it work?
A: Circus Electrique's Devotion system relates to character morale, and high or low Devotion directly affects their performance – both in battle and in the circus itself. In combat, higher Devotion increases the likelihood of landing a hit and how effective it may be; conversely, low Devotion may lead to more misses and could even prompt a character to leave battle entirely. Thankfully, Devotion works both ways, so in some cases, you may even choose to target an opponent's Devotion rather than their hit points, causing them to flee. At the circus, higher Devotion yields more Stars that can be allocated to your show for greater character experience points, circus experience points, and money earned. Control Devotion by performing well, using Devotion-related Skills, and consuming Devotion-boosting items like Cola. 

Q: What does it mean that the game is "part circus management"?
A: At the circus hub screen, you can do all sorts of things to affect your performers and the health of the circus itself. Heal performers at the Sleeping Cart, hire new ones at the Train, have them earn XP outside of battle at the Practice Tent, craft items, and more. But the most crucial task is to plan the next Circus Show: This takes the form of an intricate, almost puzzle-gaming experience where placing the best roster of characters based on their likes and dislikes directly relates to the show's success. It's the kind of thing that can take you a minute or an hour, depending on how much you want to think about it.