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Evil Dead: The Game Known Issues

Known issues track the status of reported issues we’ve identified and are currently investigating. Below you can see the status of the current problems. If you’re experiencing something that isn’t listed, please search our knowledge base, and if you don’t find a solution, submit a ticket here.


Issue Status
Players can duplicate Shemp's Cola and Amulets 🟢 Fixed in the patch
The sound of collecting objectives isn't played if the player is located far away from them 🟢 Fixed in the patch
David Allen's passive damage reduction from drinking Shemp Cola stacks, granting invulnerability 🟢 Fixed in the patch
DLSS is not working 🟢 Fixed in the patch
Possessed Pit Deadites can attack without interruption using a certain series of inputs 🟢 Fixed in the patch
Disconnection from the match after using "self destruct" during the animation of head throwing 🟢 Fixed in the patch
Demon players can constantly see the survivor icon after the resurrection on the altar 🟢 Fixed in the patch
Survivors can get a speed boost by interrupting a fast melee attack 🟢 Fixed in the patch
Necronomicon is not showing damage numbers after being hit 🟢 Fixed in the patch
Scotty may dodge without losing stamina 🟢 Fixed in the patch
Survivors can duplicate ammo by manipulating the inventory 🟢 Fixed in the patch
The game crashes after collecting the second objective in solo mode 🟢 Fixed in the patch
Survivors can use sprint without any cost 🟢 Fixed in the patch


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