Photo Mode

Redout 2 features a full-featured Photo Mode that allows players to create and modify game screenshots. Players can access Photo Mode by pausing the game.


Camera Modes

You can move the camera in two different modes: Orbit and Free. In Orbit mode, the camera will move around with the player's ship at its center, while in Free mode, you can move the camera around to your liking. 


Photo Mode Options

  • Lens: adjust the photo's field of view (FOV) and focal length.
  • Depth of Field: turn the Depth of Field on or off, and adjust its aperture and focal distance.
  • Motion Blur: turn Motion Blur on or off, and adjust its intensity.
  • Exposure: modify exposure options such as compensation, brightness, and contrast.
  • Color: modify the screenshot's temperature and tint.
  • Effects: choose options such as vignette, chromatic aberration, grain, and kinetic lines, and adjust their settings to your liking.
  • Grids: these can be used as a reference to compose your image.
  • Frames: add horizontal or vertical black bars.
  • Logos: add the Redout 2 or 34BigThings logo in various positions.

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