Arcade single-player mode is the best place to learn how to master each race track and hovership. Dive into the action with various settings and game modes, pick a premade or custom ship and start racing.

  • Time Attack: Beat the track's best times in a classic trial. No opponents, no distractions, just you and the stopwatch.
  • Race: Be the first one to cross the finish line.
  • Arena Race: A race with no respawns. The winner is either the first ship to the finish or the last hovership alive. Damage increases with every lap.
  • Last Man Standing: In Last Man Standing, the last racer in each lap is eliminated. Speed increases over time.
  • Speed: Consistently stay above the target speed thresholds to score points. Additional turbos are activated on the track.
  • Boss: Race on all 3 track layouts in sequence.

Depending on the mode, you can choose how many laps or opponents to have, enable qualifications and reverse the track.

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