Fly through hundreds of events across 36 unique racetracks - all reversible. From Arena Races and Time Attacks to Last Man Standing and intense Boss Races, dart past the competition and dominate the finish line. Career mode will teach you the basics of Redout 2 and challenge you on the way to becoming the ultimate pilot. Playing through Career will reward you with different chassis and aesthetics for your ships.



The game comes with a tutorial section split into two parts: 

  • The Tutorial can be played immediately after booting the game for the first time and teaches you the basic concepts of playing Redout 2.
  • In the Trials Career League, you will be faced with four events designed to teach you:
    1. Cornering;
    2. Boosting;
    3. Pitching.

Once completed, you will gain entry to the B League to start your Redout Career.



Leagues are groups of events within a certain difficulty level on career mode. Players can advance from one league to the next by accruing stars. Stars are gained by completing specific objectives in each event. Events can also award trophies and additional stars for performing beyond your expected Power Level.


Career Rewards

Gaining stars while completing Career events will allow you to unlock rewards such as modules, components, liveries, color schemes, and liveries that change how your ship looks and performs on the racing track. A more detailed rundown of these components can be found in Customization.

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