Locations and Maps

In Snowrunner, you can explore big open worlds and feel the freedom of driving in the wild. Discover new locations, dozens of missions, and challenging contracts, and leave your mark in these untamed lands. Here's what to expect from locations in the game:

Michigan, USA

  • Black River;
  • Drummond Island;
  • Island Lake;
  • Smithville Dam.

Alaska, USA

  • Pedro Bay;
  • Mountain River;
  • North Port;
  • White Valley.

Taymyr, Russia

  • Drowned Lands;
  • Quarry;
  • Zimnegorsk;
  • Rift.

Kola Peninsula, Russia (DLC)

  • Lake Kovd;
  • Imandra.

Yukon, Canada (DLC)

  • Flooded Foothills;
  • Big Salmon Peak.

Wisconsin, USA (DLC)

  • Black Badger Lake;
  • Grainwoods River.

Amur, Russia (DLC)

  • Urska River;
  • Cosmodrome;
  • Northern Aegis Installation;
  • Chernokamensk.

Don, Russia (DLC)

  • Factory Grounds;
  • Antonovskiy Nature Reserve.

Maine, USA (DLC)

  • The Lowland;
  • Yellowrock National Forest.

Tennessee, USA (DLC)

  • Burning Mill.

Belozersk Glades, Central Asia (DLC)

  • Crossroads;
  • The Institute;
  • Heartlands;
  • "HarvestCorp".

Ontario, Canada (DLC)

  • The Albany River;
  • Burned Forest.

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