General Information

Mods Requirements

Adding mods to consoles is a gradual process and requires regular work from the development team. To comply with Sony and Microsoft’s standards, every mod must be checked and tested before it can come to consoles. There's a large pool of PC mods, so a steady flow of new mods should be added for a while. There is no request process; the team picks suitable mods.

If you'd like to know which mods have recently been added, there's a weekly post every Wednesday on Focus Forums that recaps all the mods added to consoles in the last seven days.


Requirements List

Below you'll find a list of all the demanding requirements for mods to be eligible for the console. Keep in mind this doesn't automatically mean they will be added, only that they are not precluded.

  • Brands: the only branded mods allowed must be base game vehicles from Pacific, Ford, Western Star, Freightliner, and International/Navistar. Vehicle mods not in the game or SnowRunner DLC/Season Pass content are not eligible for console, even if they are from the brands just listed.
  • No offensive or inappropriate content.
  • Mod titles and descriptions need to be in English.
  • Special characters are not allowed (such as ^ / %).
  • A mod can't surpass 1GB in size.
  • A mod must have no visible glitches or render bugs.
  • A vehicle mod must allow the player to progress through the game to some extent and must be possible to play without any blocking issues. Before making a mod available, we will test this on our side.
  • WARNING: All textures of materials of a vehicle mod must be named according to the correct naming scheme. For details, see "7.2. <Material> in the "Integration of Trucks and Addons" guide (Integration_of_Trucks_and_Addons.pdf" in the same documentation package). This naming scheme is necessary to enable streaming for mod textures, which may be essential. Mods with the wrong names of textures result in memory leaks on consoles (and these mods will not be approved for consoles).
  • You can find the guide here:
    - On the website;
    - In your installation folder (YourFolder\EpicGames\SnowRunner\en_us\Sources\BinEditor\Guides\Integration_of_Trucks_and_Addons.pdf).