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Weapons and Weapon Progression


Every class has a set starting weapon. To switch weapons you can either find another weapon on a level or you can pick a certain skill on a Skill Tree. For example, if you play as a Gunslinger you can pick "Gunner" skill and start with PAC-15 instead of Compact SMG.


Weapon Progression

Most of the weapons can be upgraded. Upgraded weapons have new stats and may have different perks.  In order to upgrade a weapon you need to earn enough Weapon XP and purchase an upgrade. Weapon XP is earned by using certain weapons. For example, if you want to upgrade Battle Rifle, you first need to obtain said weapon during gameplay and use it. At the end of each game session you'll see a screen with Weapon XP. As soon as you reach enough Weapon XP you'll be able to purchase an upgrade for this weapon.

In order to purchase an upgrade you need to go to the Campaign menu and pick Customize - Weapons. There you need to find a weapon you want to upgrade and purchase a desirable upgrade.

Please note: You won't get any more Weapon XP for said weapon unless you purchase an upgrade. For example, if you earned enough Weapon XP for the weapon to reach Level 2, you need to purchase a Level 2 upgrade in order to start receiving Weapon XP for the weapon again.


Unique Versions

Some weapons have a Unique Version. For example, Combat Shotgun has a Unique Version that has a unique "Eagle Scout'' perk. Eagle Scout increases shotgun range by 150% and each pellet can penetrate 1 additional target. In order to get a Unique Version of a weapon you need to meet certain conditions. 

Conditions can be found in the Customize menu. Highlighting a Unique Version will show you conditions needed to be reached in order to unlock this version of the weapon.

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