General Information

Bloodless FAQ

What is Bloodless?

Bloodless is a retro-inspired action-adventure featuring non-lethal counter-based combat staged in the atmospheric lands of Bakugawa. 

Find your own fighting style by making use of special ki techniques that allow for unique combos, as well as enhancements from crests and herb infusions you find through your journey. 

Who is creating Bloodless?

The game is being developed by Point N’ Sheep, a Brazilian indie game studio formed by five friends after years of working together at other game companies and on game jams. 

When does Bloodless launch?

Bloodless releases on Steam August 29. 2024.

Where can I play Bloodless?

Bloodless will be released on Steam for Windows.

Are you planning to release the game in Early Access?

No, the game will not be released in Early Access.

Will the game have a multiplayer mode?

No, the game will not include a multiplayer mode.

Which languages is the game going to support?

Bloodless will launch in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish (Spain), Simplified Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), and Japanese.