General Information

How to Appeal a BattlEye Ban?

While BattlEye is a fantastic tool that our team utilizes to improve user experience, sometimes certain hacks can slip through the cracks, and on rare occasions, unjust action can take place. In the unlikely event of a false positive, please follow the instructions listed below on how to appeal a player ban.

  • Review BattlEye's Policy Governing Account Bans.
  • Before proceeding with your appeal, BattlEye highly recommends that you read through the Important Warning Regarding Global Bans section of their website.
  • E-mail your Ban Appeal to
  • If you are globally banned, please include your exact global ban ID in your appeal. The ID is shown in your global ban message (“Global Ban #ID”).
  • Remember to be as descriptive as possible when providing information that could support your appeal. Please provide relevant images/video if you are able.
  • If your Steam account was compromised, we recommend that you go through Steam Support first.
  • Once you’ve finished writing up your appeal, simply send out your e-mail. Your appeal will then be sent to Easy Anti-Cheat Customer Support for review!
  • The general response time may vary from 3 to 14 days.

Avoiding Unjust Bans

To help avoid unjust bans while playing Insurgency, we suggest that you play only on trusted machines/servers. It is also important to make sure that you use caution when installing any third-party software that could have an impact on the game client. Proper password management is always recommended as well, in order to mitigate the possibility of hackers getting into and using your account as a means to cheat in the game.