Patch Notes

December 4, 2023 - Patch Notes (PC)


  • Added the tool selection to the PC redesign.
  • Redesigned the spawn menu.
  • Tweaked the spawn menu UI and fixed the navigation.
  • Fixed the Mod Manager not restoring its state after exiting from the mod.
  • Fixed the scroll bar not resetting its position after selecting another tab or closing options.
  • Fixed the inability to change the graphics API setting immediately after changing the API.
  • Fixed the localization of several hints in the pause menu that did not change after the language switch.

Gameplay and Mods

  • Implemented the possibility to spawn horses from the Time Campers DLC. 
  • Fixed cars that had collisions with map borders.
  • Fixed tools being used while the object is spawning.
  • Fixed photo mode that had no focus after zoom.
  • Fixed an issue, when the player could drive a Quilez Robot during spawning.
  • Fixed an issue when closing the spawn menu with the mouse triggered the usage of the tool.
  • Fixed objects fading in First Person Turret/Vehicle view. 
  • Fixed an issue when #include "MOD/myFile.lua" did not work after the update.
  • Fixed the UIBlur() function not working like in the previous versions of the game.
  • Fixed QueryRaycastWater being documented but not existing. 
  • Fixed textures that were changed in 1.5. 
  • The game hangs after shooting with the mod weapon "Miscellaneous Rifle" (we’re still fixing some issues with the weapon).
  • Fixed friction issue that occurred in 1.5. mWalkSpeedOverride was read in updates but should be in ticks.
  • Fixed the problem when ambient particles stopped and resumed only after particles disappeared.
  • Fixed shadow volume limit issue.
  • Various other technical issues and bugs were addressed.


  • Fixed object rotation when holding Right Shift. The function now works on the slider principle. 
  • Fixed values of child objects. Now values from the parent object are not transferred to the children. 
  • Fixed prioritization of gizmo axes. Now the nearest available one is selected when overlapping them.