Teardown Known Issues

Below are some known issues and minor bugs we’ve experienced while testing ahead of the latest release. We are investigating fixes and will share more information in the community Discord server when we have it. If you experience any issues outside of the items below, please submit a ticket here.


Issue Status
The players may experience dropped frames when building a massive object in Creative Mode on a PC 🟡 Working on a fix
UI elements may flicker in the game while playing on PlayStation 5 🟡 Working on a fix
Completed campaign activity tasks may remain available after completion on PlayStation 5 🟡 Working on a fix
Time Campers DLC
Destroying voxels in the cutscene is counting for achievements
🟡 Working on a fix
Skybox can appear heavily pixelated 🟡 Working on a fix
Visible lighting change on the HUB map's edges after changing the weather settings in the Sandbox Mode 🟡 Working on a fix
A vibration appears again when shooting certain objects with a revolver 🟡 Working on a fix
The camera toggles to first-person view when pausing on a horse 🟡 Working on a fix
The reset progress button becomes active after watching the Credits in the TC Menu 🟡 Working on a fix
The horse's body shifts occasionally when riding 🟡 Working on a fix
The cursor is blinking while loading in the Time Campers campaign 🟡 Working on a fix
If the player is hurt while riding a horse, there is no health bar to indicate damage 🟡 Working on a fix
Water disappears when the horse is near the water in the Ravine 🟡 Working on a fix
The best path button is always greyed out in Time Campers 🟡 Working on a fix