Teardown Console FAQ

Q: Will you add the Invert Look feature to consoles?
A: Working on it. It will be available in one of the upcoming updates.

Q: Will Teardown get a physical release on consoles?
A: Yes, there will be a physical version of the game available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S by November 29, 2023.

Q: When can you pre-order Teardown on PS5?
A: Currently, you can pre-order the physical copy of the game at your local retailer, in addition to wishlisting it through our website.

Q: Can we wishlist different editions of Teardown on the PS5 store?
A: Choosing editions prior to launch is not available when Wishlisting, unfortunately.

Q: Is there support for cross-progression if you have already started on the PC via Steam?

A: Currently, there is no support for cross-platform progression.

Q: What languages will Teardown be localized to?
A: Teardown will be localized in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

Q: Are the two later DLCs for the ultimate edition known yet, or are they still being planned?
A: The other two DLCs are works in progress, and we will present more information about them later on.

Q: Are there any plans for new achievements for the Time Campers DLC?
A: There will be no additional achievements for Time Campers.

Q: Will Time Campers and Folkrace be around the same campaign size as Art Vandals?
A: That’s a tricky question to answer since the amount of time you put into each campaign depends on your goal (completing optional targets, for example). Art Vandals consists of 5 missions, while Time Campers consists of 9. Folkrace is still a work in progress.

Q: Will Teardown be available on any subscription services?
A: Teardown will be available as a selection for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium/Deluxe subscribers at launch on November 15, 2023.

Q: Will Creative Mode be available on consoles?
A: Yes, Creative Mode will work on both the PS5 and Xbox versions.

Q: Who gets access to the Quilez R0113R Robot?
A: The Quilez R0113R Robot is available to players who purchase the Season Pass or the Ultimate Edition.

Q: Will the pre-order bonus be exclusive to Xbox, or will it be available for download in the future?
A: The Löckelle Motor Park with two vehicles will be exclusive to the pre-order, and some retail stores also offer bonus content for PS5 users. We don't have any specific dates to share yet regarding future access, but we hope to have more info for you soon!

Q: Will there be mouse and keyboard support on consoles?
A: We have no plans to officially support the mouse and keyboard on the console.


Q: What will performance be like on consoles?
A: We are very happy to share our targeted performance on consoles:

  • Xbox Series X & PS5:
    Performance mode - 1920x1080, AVG 120 FPS.
    Quality mode - 2880х1620, AVG 60 FPS.
  • Xbox Series S: 1440x810 Resolution, AVG 60 FPS.

Q: What is included in each edition of the game?
A: Teardown can be purchased by itself, without any additional DLCs, the same way it has always been available on PC. In addition to that, we have two editions available that come with DLC:

  • Deluxe Edition: Includes the base game, Time Campers DLC (available at launch), and Folkrace DLC (available in Spring 2024).
  • Ultimate Edition: Includes the base game and the Season Pass. The Season Pass includes the Time Campers DLC (available at launch), Folkrace DLC (available in Spring 2024), two additional DLCs (available by the end of 2024), and the Quilez R0113R Robot.

Q: Will the Season pass be available separately if you pre-order the Standard edition?
A: Yes, it will.

Q: Was the Folkrace promotional image rendered in-engine and then edited, or was it fully rendered in Blender/Maya?
A: The image was rendered in Blender, and the destructed shapes were imported from the game.

Q: Will the DLC levels be binary or encrypted, and will they be XML files?
A: They won’t be delivered as XML files.

Q: How will mods work on consoles?
A: Our game editor and the creation of mods will continue to be available on PC. Alongside the launch of the game, you will be able to find a free DLC called "Teardown: Mod Pack 1" on the Xbox and PlayStation stores. We remain dedicated to bringing a curated collection of user-created mods to console players and will have more specific information as to how those mods will be distributed to share later on.

Q: Will the list of mods on the console edition be updated from time to time?
A: Yes, we plan to release additional free mod packs.

Q: Will Teardown be released on PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch?
A: We are not planning to bring Teardown to these platforms.

Q: Will you consider PSVR2 support for Teardown?
A: It’s a fun idea, and our team is always evaluating new ways to bring Teardown to more players. Currently, though, we don’t have any plans for VR.

Q: Will PC users get access to the same content as console users?
A: PCs and consoles will have access to the same content. Xbox Series X|S players who pre-order Teardown will get early access to bonus content, including the vehicle-based Löckelle Motor Park game map and two heavy-duty monster trucks.

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