Prestige Mode

Prestige mode is a new way for seasoned Survivors & Demons to rise to new heights.


How does it work?

Players can now increase their maximum level to obtain exclusive rewards. As you progress, you will gain a new measure of power, additional skill points, screamers, and epic character frames to display your level of demonic mastery.


Prestige Mode Breakdown


Survivor P1

Survivor P2

Survivor P3

Survivor P4

Survivor P5


Max level 26
Special frame
Unique skill level

Max level 27
Special frame

Max level 28
Special frame

Max level 29
Special frame

Max level 30
Special frame
Unique skill level


Demon P1

Demon P2

Demon P3

Demon P4

Demon P5


Max level 46
Special frame

Max level 47
Special frame

Max level 48
Special frame

Max level 49
Special frame

Max level 50
Special frame
Unique skill level



  • All characters will have an extra skill point extra per prestige level.
  • All characters will have a screamer reward at prestige level 3.
  • Both Survivors and Demons improve the unique skills outside the skill tree.



  • Characters can now achieve up to 5 levels of prestige.
  • To pass from one level to the next one, the character has to be at their maximum level, and the player has to complete a group of challenges with that character. 
  • Players can spend points to skip certain challenges by spending Spirit points. They can also spend Spirit Points to skip a sub-section. Only the tier is skipped, not the entire challenge.
  • Once all the requirements are met, the player can bring his character to the next Prestige level.
  • New challenges are assigned to the character, and their maximum level increases by 1.
  • The character also goes back to level 1. However, progress is not reset, and the skill tree remains.
  • The character won't get an extra skill point from levels on previous prestige levels, only in the one associated with their current prestige.
  • For example, if the new character level is 26, they will get a skill point at level 26, not on levels 1-25.
  • If that prestige level has another associated reward, it is granted now.
  • Prestige rewards are cumulative. This is, if the character is in prestige 4, they will keep the rewards of the previous levels.

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